Upon being an Intern; or, What Makes a Good Ministry Internship?

I am in the second full week at my summer internship. My co-intern and I were together all last week for orientation and whatnot, but this week we split up to go to different churches. It’s really hard to go … Continue reading

Numbering My Worries: Personal Reflection

I just had an article published on Unbound called “Numbering My Worries” as part of their Inside Agitators: Seminarians for Justice issue. First and foremost, I am honored to be included in this issue along with several others from my seminary and … Continue reading

“Chosen Family” Story

My hymn “Chosen Family (The BGLASS Hymn)” has been posted in my Worship Resources page. For convenience it’s a downloadable pdf file. There’s a story behind the hymn “Chosen Family” that I’d like to tell.  I am a member of  … Continue reading

Why bother with the ordination process?

After reading my last post about reclaiming foolishness in a long-term vision in the church, my friend “Kelly” who is a spiritual-but-not-religious young adult asked the question: If you can minister anywhere at anytime, why bother with the ordination process? … Continue reading