Mild Rant: I Doubt the Church Wants Young Adults

It’s time to stop blaming young adults. It’s time to stop blaming young adults for “leaving” the church. It’s time to stop blaming young adults for the declining membership of churches. It’s time to stop blaming young adults for being … Continue reading

Numbering My Worries: Personal Reflection

I just had an article published on Unbound called “Numbering My Worries” as part of their Inside Agitators: Seminarians for Justice issue. First and foremost, I am honored to be included in this issue along with several others from my seminary and … Continue reading

Lenten Prayer: The Faithful Budget

My friend Rev. Patrick Heery wrote an article on The Faithful Budget Campaign in Unbound. From the PC (USA) Office of Public Witness you can read this article by Leslie G. Woods. The Faithful Budget Campaign is an interfaith campaign advocating for … Continue reading

These are my [Book of] Confessions

“What place do confessional documents have in the modern Presbyterian church?” –@ASecludedHour I read this question, and red lights went off in my brain. A small voice told me, Don’t get involved in talking about confessions! Why wouldn’t I want … Continue reading

Reply to Rev. Whitsitt

Rev. Landon Whitsitt wrote an article entitled “Dear Young(ish) Mainline Pastor Type People: Please Plant a Church.” Here is my disclaimer for this post: I am not writing this reply to fight Rev. Whitsitt’s ideas but to add some thoughts into … Continue reading

What roadblocks have you seen in your ministries?

One of my favorite modern writers Carol Howard Merritt wrote an article on The Christian Century entitled “Generational Roadblocks.” In it she identifies five obstacles to young adults’ participation in the church: 1. The leadership is from one generation. 2. … Continue reading