Advent in August: A Crazy College Ministry Idea

Advent is weird in higher education. Good weird but still weird. Advent officially begins when we are in the last swings of class and start prepping for finals but officially ends after we have left for the semester. So the … Continue reading

Social Media Tip #5: It’s Not For Everyone

5. Social media is not for everyone or for everything. Individuals and communities need to know what they’re going for and what medium or social media platform will be best for that. If you are looking to streamline communication between … Continue reading

Social Media Tip #4: Control and Conversation

4. You can’t control everything, but you can be part of the conversation. At the social media discussion at PC(USA)’s General Assembly one lady was concerned that someone outside of the church was posting about a random mission trip not … Continue reading

#ga220, Social Media, and Relationships

Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in a social media discussion at the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s General Assembly that is meeting this week. Myself, Jordan Whitt with PC(USA) Special Offerings, Ryan Kemp-Pappan, and Andy James were on the panel. … Continue reading

Community in the Gaming World: Response to Bruce Reyes-Chow

Yesterday I received an urgent text from a friend asking if I had seen what Bruce Reyes-Chow had just posted on Facebook. I quickly looked him up and found a post on both Facebook and Twitter reading: Having a very … Continue reading

Mild Rant: I Doubt the Church Wants Young Adults

It’s time to stop blaming young adults. It’s time to stop blaming young adults for “leaving” the church. It’s time to stop blaming young adults for the declining membership of churches. It’s time to stop blaming young adults for being … Continue reading

Upon being an Intern; or, What Makes a Good Ministry Internship?

I am in the second full week at my summer internship. My co-intern and I were together all last week for orientation and whatnot, but this week we split up to go to different churches. It’s really hard to go … Continue reading

Mourning Thursday: The Prayer of an Uncertain Disciple

This poem/prayer was written trying to see from the point of view of a disciple of Jesus who was not in the 12 and who was watching the events of Maundy Thursday unfold. Mourning Thursday the prayer of uncertain disciple … Continue reading