The Future of Serious Spiritual Practices

Can we imagine a church where play and imagination are seen as serious spiritual disciplines? I did training last year in Godly Play. If you’re not familiar, Godly Play is an interactive storytelling method that focused on children’s innate relationship … Continue reading

New Hymn: “Do Not Refuse Us”

Recently I have been reading through a Psalm each morning, and I find myself repeating a phrase throughout the day. Yesterday the phrase was from Psalm 28 “do not refuse me,” and it sparked the writing of this new hymn. … Continue reading

Mourning Thursday: The Prayer of an Uncertain Disciple

This poem/prayer was written trying to see from the point of view of a disciple of Jesus who was not in the 12 and who was watching the events of Maundy Thursday unfold. Mourning Thursday the prayer of uncertain disciple … Continue reading