The Future of Serious Spiritual Practices

Can we imagine a church where play and imagination are seen as serious spiritual disciplines? I did training last year in Godly Play. If you’re not familiar, Godly Play is an interactive storytelling method that focused on children’s innate relationship … Continue reading

Advent in August: A Crazy College Ministry Idea

Advent is weird in higher education. Good weird but still weird. Advent officially begins when we are in the last swings of class and start prepping for finals but officially ends after we have left for the semester. So the … Continue reading

What roadblocks have you seen in your ministries?

One of my favorite modern writers Carol Howard Merritt wrote an article on The Christian Century entitled “Generational Roadblocks.” In it she identifies five obstacles to young adults’ participation in the church: 1. The leadership is from one generation. 2. … Continue reading