Mourning Thursday: The Prayer of an Uncertain Disciple

This poem/prayer was written trying to see from the point of view of a disciple of Jesus who was not in the 12 and who was watching the events of Maundy Thursday unfold. Mourning Thursday the prayer of uncertain disciple … Continue reading

Palm/Passion Sunday, or Why Bad Guys Have More Fun

For Palm Sunday the congregation at the tiny church I work at will be singing “Hosanna, Heysanna” from Jesus Christ Superstar as our opening hymn. The choir was practicing the song last Sunday, and the question was brought up whether … Continue reading

Lenten Prayer: The Faithful Budget

My friend Rev. Patrick Heery wrote an article on The Faithful Budget Campaign in Unbound. From the PC (USA) Office of Public Witness you can read this article by Leslie G. Woods. The Faithful Budget Campaign is an interfaith campaign advocating for … Continue reading