These are my [Book of] Confessions

“What place do confessional documents have in the modern Presbyterian church?” –@ASecludedHour I read this question, and red lights went off in my brain. A small voice told me, Don’t get involved in talking about confessions! Why wouldn’t I want … Continue reading

Do you feel like you’re learning about innovative ministry in seminary?

I love the book Tribal Church, and I was excited when I got onto Twitter to follow its author Carol Howard Merrit @CarolHoward. I didn’t expect for her to start responding to my tweets or to fall into conversation with … Continue reading

Ordination Exams are our Kobayashi Maru

I’ve been catching up with some friends recently thanks to social media. Some of them haven’t heard I’m in seminary and planning to become a pastor. Those are the most fun conversations laced with interesting questions. Several times people have … Continue reading

Should the Catholic church become a democratic system?

The music player up at the top right is set up to play “Ave Generosa” composed by Hildegard of Bingen, who is talked about in this post. When my friend Vincent heard about my new blog project his first question … Continue reading