Background to The Christ the King Sunday Reflection

You can read the entire Christ the King Sunday Reflection printed in the 2013 Presbyterian Mission Yearbook here. A year and a half ago when I responded to an email from a seminary friend who had gone off to work … Continue reading

What I’m dreaming for @WeDreamPCUSA

On Saturday the Spirit moved in what to many people is a strange way–over the internet. After PC(USA)’s General Assembly last week many people felt disheartened and frustrated. There were three big issues although two of them feel very connected, … Continue reading

New Hymn: “Do Not Refuse Us”

Recently I have been reading through a Psalm each morning, and I find myself repeating a phrase throughout the day. Yesterday the phrase was from Psalm 28 “do not refuse me,” and it sparked the writing of this new hymn. … Continue reading

Longing for Community Part 1: We are The Church Together

Did you ever sing that song? “I am the church! You are the church! We are the church together! All who follow Jesus all around the world, yes, we’re the church together!” I learned that song while working with a … Continue reading

Mild Rant: I Doubt the Church Wants Young Adults

It’s time to stop blaming young adults. It’s time to stop blaming young adults for “leaving” the church. It’s time to stop blaming young adults for the declining membership of churches. It’s time to stop blaming young adults for being … Continue reading

Numbering My Worries: Personal Reflection

I just had an article published on Unbound called “Numbering My Worries” as part of their¬†Inside Agitators: Seminarians for Justice issue.¬†First and foremost, I am honored to be included in this issue along with several others from my seminary and … Continue reading

Speaking Young Adult Presbyterian

After reading “How to Speak Presbyterian” by P.J. Southam I was inspired to write my own handy-handy word and phrase dictionary but based on the dialect of Young Adult Presbyterian. So I sent out the call on Facebook and Twitter … Continue reading

Mourning Thursday: The Prayer of an Uncertain Disciple

This poem/prayer was written trying to see from the point of view of a disciple of Jesus who was not in the 12 and who was watching the events of Maundy Thursday unfold. Mourning Thursday the prayer of uncertain disciple … Continue reading

Palm/Passion Sunday, or Why Bad Guys Have More Fun

For Palm Sunday the congregation at the tiny church I work at will be singing “Hosanna, Heysanna” from Jesus Christ Superstar as our opening hymn. The choir was practicing the song last Sunday, and the question was brought up whether … Continue reading