New Job!

First, thank you all for your support through my job searching process.

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Second, I have started my new job as the Assistant Young Adult Catalyst within the Presbyterian Mission Agency!

I began the job yesterday so I could overlap with my predecessor, the awesome Abbi Heimach who is leaving to begin seminary next month. I wish her all the best and encourage you to follow her.

In this position I’ll be able to do everything I love in ministry–working with young adults, doing social media, teaching, technology, talking to people, dreaming big ideas, etc. Plus I get to work in the national office in Louisville and be a part of all the wonderful ministry that’s happening here. It’s really exciting. I’m in the process of validating my ministry so I can get ordained and become a specialized minister. More later as that develops.

Thank you again for all your support. I’m going to miss Princeton. I think I’m going to like living in Louisville once I get used to the humidity. (And sweet tea is amazing if you haven’t tried it.) I’m meeting a lot of wonderful people and learning lots as I go along. I’m also looking forward to furnishing my new apartment which at this point has an air mattress, a folding chair, and a lamp.


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